Ivory or White, White or Ivory…

…Or any of the many other colors gowns come in these days.  How do you know what color to pick?

 Let’s cover the basics first.

White: Yes, this is considered the “traditional” choice for purity and virtue… however, keep in mind that white has only been “traditional” for less than 100 years.


  • “Traditional” symbolism
  • Looks best on medium to dark skin tones
  • Goes great with any color palate


  • Tends to wash out the wearer in photography
  • Can cheapen the look of the dress depending on the fabric and style

Ivory: In my opinion a far more traditional color.


  • Looks great on every skin tone
  • Makes the dress look richer
  • Photographs have a nicer contrast


  • Pay attention to what shade of ivory, some ivory gowns can be too yellow for your skin.

 If either of these choices is not for you, Diamond White is an excellent choice.  This color falls between both White and Ivory and is flattering on both light and dark skin tones.

 Of course there is an array of other colors as well:

  • Champagne and gold colors: Great for fall weddings
  • Silvers and blue tones: Consider for winter weddings
  • Blushes and pink tones: Think spring weddings

And if you are not brave enough for a solid red wedding dress, why not consider an accent of color on your gown.

So my point is there are no more rules when it comes to choosing your wedding gown color so there really aren’t rules to break.  Remember that this is your day, so make it your own.

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Casablanca Bridal Trunk Show

Hello ladies!  We are having a Casablanca Bridal trunk show coming up November 5th and 6th!  All Casablanca gowns will be 10% off for that weekend only.

Make sure to call (816) 246-1660 soon to book an appointment!

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So You Need Alterations…


You just found the perfect wedding gown, had your measurements taken, ordered the dress, and waited painfully long for it to arrive.  Turns out it doesn’t quite fit like you dreamed it would.

Truth be told ladies, this is VERY common.  Those 3 measurements they took to find your size does not mean that your gown is going to fit like a glove once it arrives.  It takes upward of 30 measurements to get a custom fit gown in reality, and let’s face it, that gets expensive.

Those few measurements are a guide for your consultant to find the CLOSEST dress to fit you.  These are then sent to the company you ordered your dress from and they then make that dress to a standard pattern size for that particular dress.  It’s kind of like going into a store and buying everyday clothing closest to your size… so you need alterations.

Alterations are to be expected when buying a wedding gown.  Only about 1% of brides can walk out of a bridal store with a dress that fits perfectly without alterations.   Make sure that your consultant goes over the size chart with you and explains why they are recommending the size they are.  Ultimately, you are the one who decides the size of your dress.

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