So You Need Alterations…


You just found the perfect wedding gown, had your measurements taken, ordered the dress, and waited painfully long for it to arrive.  Turns out it doesn’t quite fit like you dreamed it would.

Truth be told ladies, this is VERY common.  Those 3 measurements they took to find your size does not mean that your gown is going to fit like a glove once it arrives.  It takes upward of 30 measurements to get a custom fit gown in reality, and let’s face it, that gets expensive.

Those few measurements are a guide for your consultant to find the CLOSEST dress to fit you.  These are then sent to the company you ordered your dress from and they then make that dress to a standard pattern size for that particular dress.  It’s kind of like going into a store and buying everyday clothing closest to your size… so you need alterations.

Alterations are to be expected when buying a wedding gown.  Only about 1% of brides can walk out of a bridal store with a dress that fits perfectly without alterations.   Make sure that your consultant goes over the size chart with you and explains why they are recommending the size they are.  Ultimately, you are the one who decides the size of your dress.

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  1. Heather T says:

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE THE DRESS I GOT A BRIDAL SOLUTIONS KC!!!!! They were sooooo helpful in finding the perfect dress for me! I had my wedding on a Cruise Ship and I had this Beautiful 2 piece dress – it was long for the ceremony and short for the reception! What a great design!!!! I was so lucky to find such a great store and the Reps really went the extra mile making everything perfect for me!!!! And the pricing was great not only on the dress but also the alterations! I definately recommend this shop!!!!!

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